????We strive to realize our students’ language goals and empower them to confidently step on the road to success.

????We prepare our students to respond to the demands that the ever-changing, technological future now places on their generation.

????We team with parents to develop each child’s full potential.

????Having grown into a leading brand institution for learning languages in the city of Hengyang, Canada Frontier – initially a home tutoring service – is the result of more than 13 years’ teaching English in China to learners of all levels and ages. At Canada Frontier, students learn language according to the Canadian Immersive Method; they learn in context and apply content to broader areas of knowledge.

????Our staff is a partnership between Chinese Staff and Foreign Teachers, who contribute their professionalism and enthusiasm to the already extensive and solid expertise of the school.

????Today, we constantly raise the bar of English learning by updating and incorporating the latest trends from the ESL and TEFL body of research.

????We have been promoting the ultimate reason for learning a language, without compromising academic success: effective communication replaces rote memorization and exam drilling. At Canada Frontier our borders constantly expand, as do the opportunities we create with partner institutions. To this day, our campuses continue to build bridges for students to travel and study in Canada in recognized school boards, benefiting from an unparalleled opportunity to study abroad.

????At any of our centers, you will find the same integrity and core values of academic achievement.



  • 6-12 years old
  • ? ? ? ?Our primary learners courses follow Pearson Education primary focus: developing skills for the 21st Century. In our courses children learn based on the CLIL method: Content and Language Integrated Learning. Our methodology differs greatly from the traditional memorization and repetition used throughout elementary schools, and instead engages students in a wider knowledge content ranging with a variety of topics from various disciplines and school subjects such as Math, Science, Geography, Arts and Technology. It is not just a language taught through vocabulary and drills, but an immersive approach that teaches actual content and knowledge.?

    ? ? ? ?This methodology allows a direct input of the language that enables children to produce their own understanding of concepts and ideas without the vehicle of translation or paraphrasing. Language is used as a tool to learn content, and content allows the expansion of knowledge in the target language: English.

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  • 12-18 years old
  • ? ? ? ?The courses offered to secondary learners, take into account the various demands that students have from their regular schools and the expectations that parents have concerning their language level. Our courses are structured so as to follow a systematic methodology that solidifies, complements, and eventually exceeds the regular school curriculum. This is made possible, because the textbooks and the design of the course use imaginative and appealing topics - such as wonders of the world, reality TV and global issues – that engage teenagers' interests and motivate them to learn. In terms of academic skills, projects and writing tasks allow students to build up their own language portfolios, developing learner independence and giving students a practical use for the language.?

    ? ? ? ?Our secondary courses provide a solid basis for effective language learning through a strong focus on grammar and vocabulary, purposeful listening and various speaking activities. We strive to strengthen students’ oral communication skills, increase their vocabulary and improve their reading speed and accuracy. The interaction with foreign teachers gives students an insight into different aspects of culture throughout the English-speaking world.

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  • 4-6 years old
  • ? ? ? ?These courses are an early initiation into the world of foreign languages. Our courses for the pre-school years teach young children English in the same way they learn their mother tongue. The teacher focuses on being listened to and imitated; then, repetitions are enforced. In this way, the teacher stimulates and guides the children until they begin to speak on their own, starting with basic vocabulary and simple language.?

    ? ? ? ?Our curriculum has been designed by experts who understand how the child’s mind functions. Children receive their first exposure and we make sure they have the most authentic language learning experience. Multiple skills are actively engaged: mimes and body expression, as well as craft and games, improve the developing child’s gross and fine motor skills; through songs, stories and rhymes, the auditory senses are put to work; and finally, a rich visual environment stimulates the child’s ability to associate, categorize, infer and judge.

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  • French / Spanish
  • ? ? ? ?Canada Frontier Education has been working dedicatedly to promote the learning of French – one of two official languages in Canada and main language spoken in Quebec – and Spanish – the second most useful language, internationally, after English.

    ? ? ? ?As a Language Education group with ties to Canada, we come with the privilege of being able to work and interact in both languages. Our Canadian teachers have received education in one or both languages, so we have an unmatched team at our disposal. Our courses follow the curriculum set by the European Frame and offer a similar approach to the Instituto Cervantes and Alliance Fran?aise. Young students benefit from this type of course since it sets them apart in the global market. And those studying abroad will find it easier when a second language is required. Our teachers with the capability to teach Spanish are certified by the leading accreditation organisations for that language: the Instituto Cervantes and Edinumen.

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